We are specialized for digital story telling on the web with videos and social media. We possess strong skills in multimedia storytelling and international collaboration with broadcasters.

Head of reflecta.tv is Gabriela D’Hondt. She usually works in small teams and hires specialists on demand. Her reports were published by the Swiss, German and French TV Stations: SRF, ZDF, swr, arte, swr and TV5 Monde.

We mainly work in German and French, but we are proud to present you some of our English videos:


The first Cybathlon wrote its way into the history books in 2016. Relive the experience through the eyes of our pilots.

In 21 countries across the globe, hundreds of people were preparing for Cybathlon 2016, where cutting edge robotic assistive technologies help people with disabilities to compete in a series of races.

The Official Trailer went around the world.

Cybathlon 2016 is organised by ETH Zurich and showcase in six disciplines.
6 Portraits about the Pilots and their motivation, captured at the Cybathlon Rehearsal 2015. Watch the Canadian Team:


All Cybathlon Videos are produced in collaboration with ETH Multimedia Services
Director: Gabriela D’Hondt, Robert Riener
Camera: Gabriela D’Hondt, Roland Lanz, SRF, Lukas Riener
Editing: Gabriela D’Hondt
Music: Matthias Kräutle

First Open ACC EuroHack 2015
here was plenty of “hacking” going on in Lugano, Switzerland from 6 to 10 July – but it was all completely legal, as the Hotel de la Paix hosted a workshop for developing efficient supercomputer codes. Over 60 computer specialists gathered to take part in the first Hackathon in Lugano, an event initiated by the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS).

Directed and photographed by Gabriela D’Hondt.

Naked protest on the Aletsch Glacier 2008

For Greenpeace Gabriela D’Hondt directed the most seen Greenpeace Trailer on Youtube. More than 80 medias from around the world showed the action, that she and her team distributed by EBU.

How Media worldwide reacted on the Greenpeace Campaign against Climate Change:

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